Exploring Thassos beaches: The most significant wealth of the island is its abundance of especial beaches.

Thassos beaches are among the most beautiful throughout Greece. The combination of wild nature and all-green vegetation of the mountain, with its exceptional coastline creating infinite gulfs and coves with sand or pebbles, render Thassos one of the islands of the Aegean Sea with the most beautiful beaches.

There are numerous Thassos beaches, each having its dedicated funs. At this page, we shall discover together some of them, beginning from the gorgeous Golden Beach and moving circularly around Thassos.

Thassos Beaches - Northern Thassos

Golden Beach

For many people it is the most beautiful beach in Thassos. It is a wonderful gulf with shallow, crystal-clear water and an endless sandy and organized beach with a blue flag.

Skala Potamias

The beach is also known as Golden Coast. It is the continuation of Golden Beach and it is very clean. You will find a picturesque little port there.


A fabulous and quiet place with special colours due to skim coat reminding of a Caribbean island just 3 kilometres away from Limenas, Thassos.


An organized sandy beach, 2 kilometres away from Limenas, Thassos, located inside a luxury hotel’s facilities. The entrance is allowed upon (affordable) payment and there are modern facilities appropriate for both adults and youngsters.

Skala Rahoniou

Due to its length and its shallow water, it is one of the best beaches in the island for families, since children can swim and play insouciant away from the parental supervision.

Skala Sotiros

Long beach with shallow water, very good for swimming, and especially enjoyable by the children.

Skala Kallirahis

One of the most distinctive Thassos beaches, with small coasts, calm and wind-free blue water, where the huts for the fishermen’s boats are built just by the sea.

Thassos Beaches - Southern Thassos

Skala Marion

In this area of Thassos, there are three special beaches, with blue shallow water and all-white sand, ideal mainly for families.


A distinguishable Thassos beach and a remarkable creation of nature; it is a very clean beach with a characteristic, big opening in a huge rock, where the sea water gets in the rocky formations, creating an impressive natural landscape.


A distinctive beach in Thassos with sand and pebbles; the place is organized for tourists and provides facilities of high standard.


An especial beach where the pines touch the sea. It comprises two white beaches with clean water, located just next to an ancient quarry.


The beach lies in the homonym village of Thassos. It has refined sand, clean water and it is ideal for swimming; it is very busy during summer.

Psili Ammos

Among the most famous Thassos beaches, only a few kilometres away from Potos, and organized with sun beds, parasols and bars next to the sea. Because of the sand, that is refined like flour, and the special sea water, this beach draws many people on a daily basis.


Organized beach near the homonym village of Thassos, with refined golden sand.


The most especial beach in Thassos and the most intriguing thing nature has created on this island. A beautiful lagoon among the rocks creates a natural swimming pool, where the water is warmer than the sea’s and ideal for swimming. However, you should know that the access is difficult since there is no road leading to it.


One of the prettiest Thassos beaches; Located exactly under the cloister of Archangel Michael Monastery, it extends on two beautiful gulfs full of olive trees, with all-green water, where the mountain meets the sea. A small canteen offers soft drinks, cool beer and delicious sandwiches to the bathers.


One of the most popular Thassos beaches; it comprises two gulfs with white sand and excellent waters. In ancient times, the area was a marble quarry and ancient ruins there are between the two gulfs.


This name was given to that Thassos beach because of the sense it creates to the visitor of an exotic place. It is a sandy beach, with magnificent water, a restaurant and a café. Vacationers preferring nudism choose this beach.


This beach substantially constitutes an oblong zone of sand next to a blue shallow sea, under a mountain full of pines.

The great number and variety of Thassos beaches are among the many advantages of this remarkable island in Northern Aegean. When you are on the island, one of the most pleasant activities is to discover as many of its gorgeous Thassos beaches as you can. What you will see, it will just amaze you!

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - External view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - External view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - External view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - External view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - Room view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - Room view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - Room view

Hotel Afrodite Studios, Thassos - Room view